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Tripping in Love

It's 5am in Berlin. Hedi and Norman are now officially past that time of responsible decisions. It's cgo to bed and too early to get up.

Norman: So how many times have you fallen in love?

Hedi: What today!? Oh, I lost count.

Let me think... The smell of my toasted bread in the morning, the fresh white towel, the firefighter in the breakfast tv show, the guy jogging with his dog, the girl that held the door open for me in the most inconvenient way and all of this before I even had my first coffee.

Hedi takes a drag of her cigarette. And falls in love with the way it burns inside her lungs. She exhales the smoke and sees it dissolve in the air.

Look, I've fallen in love so many times, it has become something much more ordinary. To really feel it, I have to trip into love. Crash right into somebody. No guards up. Hold onto them and tear them down with me. Down that spiral into the abyss of my search to love for the sake of loving. Or for the sake to be loved in return. Let's say I've fallen i love about 36 times today - that's 36 tumbles, 36 falls and 36 heartbreaks.

Norman: And 36 lessons.

Hedi: Only about how important it is to not hold back. To feel it all. That makes 37, I've just fallen in love with the thought.

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